New Jersey Pest Control in Hotels

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a systematic strategy for managing pests which considers prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression. Where chemical pesticides are necessary, a preference is given to materials and methods which maximize public safety and reduce environmental risk”.IPM requires participation of the hotel management and staff—not just the pest control contractors.

The parties collaborate in eliminating the food, water and shelter needed by pests to survive. Continue reading »

News About Wild Life

Animal Control – Furbearers

Most furbearers have tremendous reproductive potential. In the absence of harvest, furbearer populations can quickly increase to levels above the carrying capacity of the environment When overpopulation occurs, one of nature’s control techniques will take effect. Disease, parasitism, and starvation are the most common natural mortality factors, and all are density related. Populations then quickly decline, reaching low levels undesirable to sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts. Continue reading »

Bed Bugs vs Tourism

It is reported that a lot of tourists, including national and international, are planning their trips elsewhere because of a fear of booking a hotel or motel that has bed bugs in it. If I was in the hotel or motel industry in New Jersey. A good plan is to have all your rooms inspected for bed bugs, if any are present have them exterminated, and find and New Jersey bed bug inspection agency that will certify your establishment bed bug free.

Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, announced a $500,000 initiative of city funding to help deal with one of the city’s most annoying and difficult-to-eradicate pests. Continue reading »

Animal News&Press

Animal Control – American marten

The protection of large trees and closed canopy forests provides the shelter and habitat required for the survival of the American marten. The original Sierra Nevada Framework Plan ensured the protection of these critical attributes and represented the lowest possible risk to the marten by retaining these large trees and minimally required canopy cover. These provisions from the Framework were gutted however in the 2004 Framework revisions that are currently guiding Forest Service policy. Continue reading »

Animal Control News

Animal Control – Long-tailed weasel

Long-tailed weasel are curious by nature and are rather easily trapped in No. 0 or 1 steel leghold traps. Professional trappers in populated areas use an inverted wooden box 1 or 2 feet (30 or 60 cm) long, such as an apple box, with a 2- to 3-inch (5- to 8- cm) round opening cut out in the lower part of both ends. Dribble a trail of oats or other grain through the box. Mice will frequent it to eat the grain and weasels will investigate the scent of the mice. A trap should be set inside the box, directly under the hole at each end of the box. Keep the trap pan tight to prevent the mice from setting off the trap. Continue reading »

DDT Ban The US ban and global perspectives

EDF has made a treaty to make sure that the use of DDT is contained, controlled and set in a controllable environment. Using DDT for outdoor applications is strictly prohibited. DDT in very small amounts can be applied to indoor infestations. The use of DDT is only possible if there are no other safe, reliable and affordable alternatives present in the areas. The aim here is to minimize the wildlife and human effects of using DDT on outdoor settings.

The fact remains that malaria is a very damaging and rampant issue in many countries especially in the African continent. Continue reading »

Animal News

Animal Control – Possums

Possums are highly territorial creatures as such it can be very dangerous for both the animal and those coming into contact with it when attempting to remove a possum. It is recommended you seek professional advice if encountering possum problems.
Possums long term solution for control is through some means of contraception , and the public has expressed a preference for this type of control. Researchers have found sperm and egg proteins that may act as contraceptives for possums, and transgenic carrots containing these proteins have been imported from the USA ready to test their effectiveness. Continue reading »

Animal Control in New Jersey

Animal Control – Mink

Repellent Thiram is federally registered for protecting bulbs from mole damage. Mole repellents with castor oil as the active ingredient are now on the market and may potentially prevent eastern mole damage under certain circumstances. In using any repellent, follow directions and application rates provided on the package label. Also be aware that using any repellent for controlling moles has limitations and may not eliminate damage or effectively control the problem.Mothballs or moth flakes occasionally are suggested as mole repellents. When placed into the mole’s runways, they are said to cause the mole to leave. But there is little information to substantiate their effectiveness. Continue reading »