Bed Bugs vs Tourism

It is reported that a lot of tourists, including national and international, are planning their trips elsewhere because of a fear of booking a hotel or motel that has bed bugs in it. If I was in the hotel or motel industry in New Jersey. A good plan is to have all your rooms inspected for bed bugs, if any are present have them exterminated, and find and New Jersey bed bug inspection agency that will certify your establishment bed bug free.

Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, announced a $500,000 initiative of city funding to help deal with one of the city’s most annoying and difficult-to-eradicate pests. The city will launch an educational campaign on how to better combat these critters, including better coordinated efforts by city agencies, a new health department task force and a bed bug web portal.

Travelers Safety:

Before leaving the house of your luggage inside and outside of the sprayer with a bag of spray fight against bed bugs. Inspecting the room. Bedding Remove and check the mattress, especially the seams and reinforcements for live insects, shed exoskeletons and fecal black spots or rusty. Use a flashlight to look behind the head, frames, in drawers, along baseboards.

During their stay at the hotel, keep your bag and effects on the bed, floor and upholstery. bags or luggage store tables and keep them closed. Do not put your clothes on the bed. Hang bags in the closet.

Check in to your room and start applying insecticides, nor do you want to become completely paranoid about bedbugs, but they are a major problem in the hospitality industry. A quick check of travel sites and hotel rating sites can make even a seasoned traveler wince.Besides inspection and vigilance, a good quality travel sheet is the best defense against bedbug bites. Obviously which ever travel sheet you choose, it must be closed on all sides allowing only the top portion to remain open. Some travel sheets are permanently sewn on 3 sides making entry and exit a real problem for anyone. Look for a brand which is zippered, as opposed to buttons or velcro. A good quality nylon coil zipper will give the best protection and be most comfortable.

The material must be washable in hot water, above 130 f and able to be dried on a hot cycle in your household dryer. Hot water and hot air is the only reliable way to kill bedbugs and their eggs, so if you can’t wash and dry your travel sheet in hot water and hot air, you may be transporting bedbugs to you home or next hotel.

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