Bed Bugs Information

Bed Bugs are back With a Vengeance… And They Want You!

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are in the biggest bed bug epidemic that New York and New Jersey has ever seen. Cimex lectularious popularly known as bed bugs, chinch bugs or chinches have increased dramatically in most neighborhoods to as much as 500 percent. Even I, being in the pest control industry have seen a serious increase in calls about bed bugs. I have come to realize that a lot of the customers seem to have the wrong idea when it comes to bedbugs and how to get rid of them.

For example, a lot of people think that if they throw away their beds the bed bug problem is fixed. Wrong! They can’t be more wrong. The bed bugs are crack and crevice creatures that live in beds, dressers, night tables closets, walls, clothing and moldings. Actually anywhere a business card or an apple seed can fit, bed bugs can also fit. They are called simply called bed bugs only because they feed on the bed not because they live there.

Steaming bed bugs is tedious work but our Exterminators won’t cut corners they’ll spray them. Just in case you thought that you can go to your local hardware store or Home Depot to get rid of these bugs you are in for a rude awakening. Bed bugs in NYC and in New Jersey are now 226 times more resistant to pesticide that in any other state. Do it yourself methods DON’T WORK and you are more than likely spreading the bed bugs instead of eradicating them.

The do it yourself process will cost you more money down the road since you WILL eventually call a pest control specialist when you realize just how difficult this treatment really is. And don’t forget if your neighbors have it, then you’re on the menu too.We have a different approach to treating bed bugs that not only involve pesticides but using a dry steaming method as well a dusting method. Now I know that a dry steam sounds like an oxymoron but it is a process that involves using less water and more pressure, and that not only kills the bed bugs but forces them out of hiding.

We steam furniture, walls, doors, window frames and any other crack and crevice where they might be hiding. You have to understand that during the day bed bugs hide, they only come out at night when the body they are feeding on, whether it’s a human body or that of your house pet, they need the body to be dormant.

Also we have several pesticides working together to create a deadly poisonous substance and a dust that goes behind the wall via electrical circuits, light circuits and any existing holes in the walls. You can follow our link and get more info on what is going on with bed bugs in the city.

Bedbug complaints that are reported to the city’s 311 hotline grew from 10,509 in 2006 to 22,218 last year according to the city of NY and that’s just the people who call 311. Don’t forget the people that do call exterminating experts and the people that attempt to do it themselves.

Did you know that mattress manufacturers are refurbishing bed bug infested mattresses that were thrown out, labeling them as new materials and reselling them?

The Bloomberg administration has tried to even block the sale of these refurbished mattresses, but unfortunately they failed. The way they get away with it is they do use new materials in the covering, so technically they are not lying when the say new materials. The bed that is sold as new material is in reality old and used, sometimes many times over.