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Animal Control – American marten

The protection of large trees and closed canopy forests provides the shelter and habitat required for the survival of the American marten. The original Sierra Nevada Framework Plan ensured the protection of these critical attributes and represented the lowest possible risk to the marten by retaining these large trees and minimally required canopy cover. These provisions from the Framework were gutted however in the 2004 Framework revisions that are currently guiding Forest Service policy.

The new plan allows for a significant increase in the level of fuels reduction treatments with has much lower canopy cover requirements.The 2004 revisions also set forth a plan to harvest old growth eastside pine trees, up to 30” diameter on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, a key structural feature for marten habitat.

Animal Control -White tailed Deer

Deer management has not been entirely effective in our state. Politics and tradition have worked against management efforts to balance deer and habitat in a sustainable manner. Buck hunting in the state has been part of Pennsylvania’s heritage for generations.For decades, hunters resisted killing does. It went against tradition, and hunters believed killing does would harm next year’s buck population. But research shows that the only way to control the overall deer population is to properly reduce the number of does through hunting.

Once a deer population reaches the carrying capacity of the habitat, the growth must be stabilized. About 35 percent of a deer population must be removed annually to stabilize the population. Intensive buck-only hunting rarely removes more than 10 to 15 percent of a population. Removing significant numbers of antlerless deer (does) is necessary to keep a deer herd from becoming overpopulated.

Animal Control – Striped Skunk

Odor removal is the One of the most common for skunk control. Pets are commonly sprayed and come home covered in musk. Skunk scent is persistent and difficult to remove. Washing people, pets, or clothing with vinegar or tomato juice may eliminate most of the odor. A solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap (see recipe below) may also be effective when used to wash down walls, pets, or clothing. Do not add water to the solution. Clothing may be soaked in a weak solution of household chloride bleach or ammonia.

Remember not to mix chlorine bleach with ammonia. Neutroleum alpha is a scentmasking solution that can be applied to the sprayed area to reduce the odor. It is available through some commercial cleaning suppliers. Walls or structural areas that have been sprayed by skunks can be washed down with vinegar or tomato juice solutions or sprayed with neutroleum alpha. Use ventilation fans to speed up the process of odor dissipation. Scented candles can help mask odors if the odors are not too strong. When musk enters the eyes,severe burning and an excessive tear flow may occur.