Animal Control News

Animal Control – Long-tailed weasel

Long-tailed weasel are curious by nature and are rather easily trapped in No. 0 or 1 steel leghold traps. Professional trappers in populated areas use an inverted wooden box 1 or 2 feet (30 or 60 cm) long, such as an apple box, with a 2- to 3-inch (5- to 8- cm) round opening cut out in the lower part of both ends. Dribble a trail of oats or other grain through the box. Mice will frequent it to eat the grain and weasels will investigate the scent of the mice. A trap should be set inside the box, directly under the hole at each end of the box. Keep the trap pan tight to prevent the mice from setting off the trap.

Traps set in old brush piles, under outbuildings, under fences and along stone walls also are suggested, since the weasel is likely to investigate any small covered area. Trap sets should be protected by objects such as boards or tree limbs to prevent harming other forms of wildlife.

Animal Control – Black Bear

Electric fencing is the most effective way to prevent damage to beehives and other high-value properties. The bear’s fur can insulate the animal from electric shock, so baiting the fence is usually required. Hanging strips of bacon or strips of aluminum foil smeared with peanut butter on the fence has proven effective. The bear then licks the bait and receives a shock,in areas where bear damage is persistent.

Homeowners have the responsibility of removing bear attractants from their property once bears begin visiting. Garbage cans should be secured in a garage or outbuilding and tightly sealed. Bird feeders and pet food should be removed from outside locations.

Animal Control – Rabbit

The best way for control rabbits long-term, in most places, is to destroy their warrens and hiding places. This means that they can not survive the hot summers, and can not rear their young successfully. Rabbit populations usually take many years to recover from a thorough warren destruction program. Recovery will even take longer if the ripped warrens are regularly checked and follow-up work done when needed.